Home Buying Tips

     Home Buying Tips
Search homes for sale, including foreclosed homes.

Whether the home/house is in Livonia Michigan, Westland Michigan, Northville or Novi Michigan or anywhere else, we will be able to show you ANY home, new or resale, no matter who is the listing broker/Realtor. If you see a home advertised in the magazine, newspaper, internet, or if you drive by a home that interests you, please call us! If you visit an Open House or a New Home Community, please tell the seller´s agent in the home/office that we are representing you. Remember, home information is always available to us, even if it is not a National Realty Centers listing.

•  It is important that you take the time to get pre-qualified by a/your lender.  Most sellers require that you are pre-qualified/pre-approved before they even look at your offer.  Remember, this won’t cost you anything and will make your offer look much stronger.

  • You will need an earnest money check to accompany the Offer to Purchase. This may be in the form of a personal check, or in some cases a certified check. A minimum of $1,000 is deemed adequate in most cases.  This is what will basically hold the home for you should the seller accept your offer to purchase.
  • When your written Offer to Purchase real estate is presented to the seller,the seller has basically three choices:

    1. Seller can accept your offer as is.
    2. Seller can reject your offer—outright.
    3. Seller can make a counteroffer.

    Negotiations after the initial written offer are many times conducted verbally until an agreement is reached.  It is important to remember that nothing is legally binding until it is in writing in most cases.  When the seller accepts your offer, or you accept their counteroffer, all will be in writing and changes to the original offer will be initialed by the buyer and seller.  After the contract is signed by all parties and delivered, you have a binding contract. Your earnest money will be deposited in your broker´s trust account to be held until closing.

  • It is important to remember that if you make a low offer on any home and the offer is rejected or countered, another prospective buyer may submit an offer that may be accepted by the seller before you have the opportunity to submit another offer or accept the seller´s counter to your offer.

It is in YOUR best interest to work exclusively with us or the real estate agent you have decided to work with. We (most real estate agents) are self-employed, not on an expense account, and will be paid by the seller only when we find the right home for you. Your loyalty is appreciated, and in return, you will receive the maximum service from me and my team. All of my time, professional advice, experience and assistance is free to you.